Price list

Class 80 CZK
Class – Pilates for Rehabilitation 100 CZK
Permanent pass 10 classes 700 CZK


*permanent pass is valid for six months after date of purchase

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Why Pilates?

  • Strengthens muscles that are not engaged during the regular workout
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Eliminates back and neck pains
  • Improves strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and respiration
  • Is a way to relax and reduce stress

Pilates is suitable for every age category. It is a body shaping exercise based on cooperation between body and soul. This results in a powerful flexible body with extended muscles and clear mind.

Pilates aims to strengthen the body core and also to keep the body well balanced and formed. Pilates concentrates on abdominal and back muscles. It is best to practise Pilates two to three times a week.

Training quality is always more important than quantity.

You should breathe deeply during the entire exercise in order to engage the full capacity of your lungs which results in a harmonic and calm feeling.

Our clients receive individual attention according to their specific needs (individual Pilates classes available).


Pilates for Rehabilitation

Have you strained your back, neck, or any other body parts from sitting in the office?

Try our Pilates for Rehabilitation classes that include rehabilitation techniques. Focused on your body movements and breath, it allows you improve your overall vitality and freshness. We exercise with rubber bands, overballs, and other equipment.

The maximum capacity of the class is six participants to ensure that our clients receive individual attention and can control every single movement precisely and smoothly.